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Daniel is our youngest son.   He passed from this Earth suddenly in 2008.  Although he died with essentially a negative autopsy, pathologists believe he developed an abnormal heart rhythm which took his life, despite immediate CPR and a medically staffed emergency helicopter which landed on the farm that day.    Daniel has always loved animals, and was very much a part of our rescuing dogs who were slated for euthanization.   He was very much of a part of the care of the animals who came to our farm.  I remember one Summer, as one of our alpacas became ill and ultimately died of what we later learned to be was astrocytoma,  that Daniel diligently sprayed her legs and underbelly to keep her cool.      Although we can't save all the animals in our region, we can provide a safe and permanent home for some of them with long term needs.  We have dogs who need regular injections and dogs on special diets.   This year we began a new venture of caring for and rehabilitating horses.  Daniel and my father would have been enthralled by these creatures and would love to have been a part of helping them.  Many people don't realize that horses have an extremely long lifespan.  Many live to age thirty, and miniatures might live to thirty-five with thoughtful and proper care.  The oldest horses on record have lived into their fifties.

So, we continue to care for not only some of the animals who were loved and known by Daniel when he was still here, but others as well who need our help.   We also care for a limited number of horses, as our space, our time, and finances permit.  Thanks for visiting.

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